Pakistan Cricket Broad has announced Asia Cup 2023 for being a host Country. The first match of Asia Cup 2023 will be played between Pakistan vs Nepal in Multan on 30 August 2023. The second match will be played between Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka in Kandy Stadium Sri Lanka on 31 August 2023. One of the high voltage match between Pakistan and India millions of people are waiting for them to watch the match. The match will be played in Kendy Stadium on 2 September 2023 at 1:30 pm According to Pakistan Standread Time.

Total Qualified Team Of Asia Cup 2023

Fourth teams are directly qualified for the tournament India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. the two teams played their qualifying. Nepal and Afghanistan qualified after winning their match against qualifier matches./pakistan-odi-world-cup-2023-schedule/

Asia Cup 2023 Structure

Asia Cup is one of the popular cricket tournament that started in 1983. only Asian teams participate in it. the first tournament final match was played in Dubai between India and Sri Lanka. India defeats Sri Lanka to become a first-time Champion. Now the 16 edition of the Asia Cup will be played in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Asia Cup is played every two years t20 and ODI formats. six teams are divided into two groups.

Asia Cup winners Teams List.

The Asia Cup is a biennial cricket tournament that features teams from the Asian subcontinent competing against each other. The tournament has a rich history and has witnessed several memorable moments over the years. Since my knowledge cutoff is in September 2021, I can provide you with a list of past winners up to that point.

  1. 1984: India The inaugural Asia Cup was held in 1984 in Sharjah, UAE. India emerged as the champions, defeating Sri Lanka in the final.
  2. 1986: Sri Lanka clinched their first Asia Cup title in 1986, defeating Pakistan in the final.
  3. 1988: India India secured their second title in the 1988 edition, which was held in Bangladesh.
  4. 1990-91: India In a round-robin format, India emerged victorious again in the 1990-91 edition held in India.
  5. 1995: India India continued their dominance by winning the tournament for the fourth time in the 1995 edition held in the UAE.
  6. 1997: Sri Lanka reclaimed the title in 1997, defeating India in the final.
  7. 2000: Pakistan Pakistan won their first Asia Cup title in 2000, triumphing over Sri Lanka.
  8. 2004: Sri Lanka secured their fourth Asia Cup championship in 2004, defeating India.
  9. 2008: Sri Lanka won their fifth title in the 2008 edition, which was held in Pakistan.
  10. 2010: India India emerged victorious once again in the 2010 Asia Cup, defeating Sri Lanka.
  11. 2012: Pakistan Pakistan won their second Asia Cup title in 2012, besting Bangladesh in the final.
  12. 2014: Sri Lanka clinched their sixth Asia Cup title in 2014, defeating Pakistan.
  13. 2016: India India captured their sixth Asia Cup championship in 2016, triumphing over Bangladesh.
  14. 2018: India India secured their seventh Asia Cup title in the 2018 edition, held in the UAE.

Please note that there might have been more editions of the Asia Cup and winners beyond September 2021, but I do not have that information available. The Asia Cup remains a highly anticipated tournament in the cricketing calendar, showcasing the talents of the Asian cricket teams and providing fans with thrilling matches and exciting moments.

Favorite Teams for Asia Cup 2023

Recently Asia Cup was played in UAE. Sri Lanka defeated India and Pakistan in the Super 4 round. The final match was played between Sri Lanka vs Pakistan. Sri Lanka easily defeated Pakistan to become the Champion. For the 2023 Asia Pakistan and India are the favorite Teams to become champions.

How many years in Asia Cup cricket?

Every two years Asia Cup is played in ODI and T20 formats.

Which Team won the most Asia Cups?

India is at the top of the list won 7 times of Aisa Cup titles with Sri Lanka 6 and Pakistan 2.

What is the prize money for Asia Cup?

According to Asian Cricket Council, the 2022 Asia Cup Prize Money is 200000 US dollars. if we convert it into Pakistani Ruppe it will be 57400000.

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