Can I Join Cricket Academy At 23 in Pakistan? this question is everyone in mind who wants to become a cricketer, In this Blog, we are going to talk about PCB’s age limits what should be our age limits to play PCB cricket In order to play any stage-wise cricket? the first thing that starts is U-13 After that is U-16 and then at the third place is U-19 and then at the fourth place is Senior District and after that, the last category is called Veterans so we are going to talk about these five categories. What age should be in these five categories of ours, first of all, we talk about under 13, under 13 means that your age should be less than 13 years.

Can I Join Cricket Academy At the age of 23 in Pakistan?
Can I Join Cricket Academy At the age of 23 in Pakistan?

Five Category of Cricket According to PCB Requirements

  • 1 Under 13
  • 2 Under 16
  • 3 Under 19
  • 4 Senior District
  • 5 Veterans

Age Limit to play Under 13

Under 13 means your age should be less than 13 years so your age at that time should be about six months before you turn 13, that is, you should have four to six months after that. It will not be done, the chances will be very low, but if you have one year left in 13 years, that is, your age is 12 years, then you will be selected easily if you are not overaged.

Age Limit To play Under 16

If you want to play under 16 the criteria is the same as under 13. This also means that your age should be less than 16 years, how much less than 16 years should it be, so let’s talk about it here too. I am below 16 years now in under 16 your minimum age should be 13 plus yes but here you are made underage and should be less than 16 now in the month you are giving up trials Any way PCB has changed the structure, and now you are selected in about five months of under 16 ie must be 16 then you have 50 50 chances that you will not overage. but if you give a trial immediately after 13 years then you have three years to play under you are not overaged but If your age is less than five months 16 years you can still give an under-16 trial. but when you’re five years away from turning 16, there’s a 50-50 chance that you won’t be overdrafted. You will not be overrated, so if you want to play under 16, then you will be given rice immediately after the age of 13, then you can play for three years, if you are selected, you give a trial at the age of 15, There is only one chance to pass and there is about 80 percent chance that you will not be covered, so here you must have understood how much the age limits should be for Understein. Now let’s talk about under 19.

Age limit to Play Under 19

Under 19 also means that your age should be less than 19 years and more than 16 years if you are less than 16 years then you go to under 16, if you are under 16 years. You are overaged at 16, if you are under 16 in a bay form you are overaged then don’t go in you will never be overaged at under 19 now here Let’s talk about what should be the minimum age for U-19. U-19 starts after 16 years, that is, 17, 18, 19. You have three years if you give U-19 trials at the age of 16. If you are, you have three chances, you can play U-19 for three years, if you are not selected in the first year, then you have two chances, you play U-19 for two years. You can play in the same way if you are 17 years If you are not selected at the age of 17 then you can take the final trial at the age of 18. if you are going to give the prize then it is five to six months before you turn 19. As you get older, you have about a 50 to less than 50 percent chance of not being overaged. 1st year is if you have already been playing under 19 since 16 then you are not overaged in any way so you can give trials for under 19 and 19 which is done by PCB. I have shared the age limits with you, now it is the senior district.

Age Limit To Play Senior District

The Senior District starts after 19 which means after U-13 U-16 and U-19 there is a senior district now in a senior district you don’t have to face any age limit you are 19 plus After that you can play senior district for 40-50 years if you want to play but here I would like to tell you that if you double in the senior district before 30 years then your There is a future in cricket, it can be good if you cross 30 plus then it becomes impossible to play for Pakistan National Team. because you will know that PCB is very focused on the age limit if you cross 30 plus you want to Pakistan National team it becomes very difficult for you to play any PCB cricket so if you want to play senior district then in the senior district you should make your debut before 25 years to get first class. If you can play cricket and reach international cricket after first class, there is no age limit for senior districts. In the Senior district, you can give a trial anytime after 19 years. Earlier, there was some structure change. You must make your debut at the age of 25 years in the senior district after that you can play in the senior district if you cross the age of 25 years if you have not played first-class cricket before the age of 25 years then you will be declined 25 years old. Later, you could not debut for Senior district but now this restriction has been removed, you can play senior district at any age, and you will not have any problem,

The last limit to playing cricket

veterans mean those who are ex-Pakistan Cricket team players, only veterans who are 40 plus age can play. when the age of 40 plus is reached, a veteran trophy is also conducted. Within Pakistan, it also has different departments and PCB also has teams, so veterans are made after 40 plus years, a little more than 40 years.

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