Alamgir Ghazi is the best midfielder of the Pakistan National Football Team player. who belongs to District Upper Chitral Charun Valley. he is currently included in the Pakistan football team for the FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifier Matches Round Two As a Midfielder. Alhamgir Ghazi is currently in Saudi Arabia with the Pakistan football team, which will play a round-two first match against Saudi Arabia on November 16.

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Alamgir Ghazi Football journey

Alamgir Ghazi shifted to Peshawar with his family since his childhood. He started his football journey from Peshawar when he was in grade two in school. Alamgir Ghazi has been fond of playing football since his childhood and it was his dream to play for the Pakistan National Team. He wanted to play in the Pakistan National Football Team. Alamgir Ghazi’s dream comes true at this time. When the U-19 Trials came in 2019 in Islamabad, About 800 players came for this trial. A few players were needed in the Trials, in which the selection of Alamgir-Ghazi was done to play for the Pakistan National Team.

Alamgir Ghazi Demostic Career

Almeer Ghazi signed his first contract with Team Eighteen (18). Team Eighteen is a real estate company It provides players with an opportunity to grow and play at a higher level and also provides them with some financial support. After that, Alamgir Ghazi became quite popular in football. After that different famous Pakistan football clubs Approached him to play for his club, like Pakistan Television F C, Khan Research Laboratory (KRL) Wapda, etc.

Alamgir ghazi Internationl Career

Alamgir Ghazi started his international career in 2019 with the Asian Football Federation Under 19 Matches played in Oman. Pakistan football team was placed in Group A of the Asian Football Federation tournament. apart from Pakistan in this group, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, and Kuwait, were involved. unfortunately, Pakistan has not won a single match in this tournament. After that, Alagir Ghazi played for Pakistan in under 23 (AFC) Asian Football Championship qualifier matches in Bahrain. Pakistan’s football team played three matches against Bahrain, Palestine, and Japan. Unfortunately, Pakistan lost all the matches. For the World Cup 2026 Qualifier matches, Pakistan has to play four matches in round two. Alamgir Ghazi has also been selected in this squad before he played a match against Kambode in round one. Alamgir Ghazi’s Brilliant Goal against Bahrain.

Position In match

Alamgir Ghazi is playing an attacking Midfielder role in the Pakistan Football Team. The Medfielder’s job is to take the ball away from the opposition team and deliver his forward position player.

What is the Role of Midfielders in Football?

In football, The midfielder plays a critical role in both the defensive and offensive aspects of the game. Here are some key roles and responsibilities of midfielders in football:

  • 1 Distribution and passing; Midfilders are responsible for distributing the ball effectively to their teammates. They need to have excellent passing skills to accurately deliver shorts,
FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifier Matches.

Pakistan’s football team has recently qualified for the FIFA World Cup Round Two by defeating Cambodia. Two matches were played between Pakistan and Cambodia, one of which was played in Cambodia while the second match was played in Islamabad, Pakistan. the first match was a draw 0-0 Goal. played in Cambodia. the second match was played in Pakistan Captial City Islamabad. here Pakistan defeated Cambodia by a 1-0 goal and qualified for the second round. Pakistan Football Team Squad for FIFA World Cup Round 2 Alamgir Ghazi is Also part of the squad.

  • Pakistan National Football Team Squad for FIFA World Cup 2026 Qualifier Matches Round 2
Alamgir Ghazi Personal life
Personal Information
Full Name: Alamgir Ali khanGhazi
Date/Birth: 9 may (2021 age 22)
Place/Birth: District Upper Chitral Charun Valley (KPK)
M.langauge: Khowar (Chitrali)
Postion : Attacting Midfilder
Repersenting Team
Pakistan National Team

Who is the Pakistan Football Team Captain?

Hassan Bashir is the Pakistan Football Team Captain.

Which Pakistan football player has scored the most international goals?

Hasan Bashir has scored the most goals for Pakistan so far (7) goal.

Hasan Bashir belongs to which region of Pakistan?

Hasan Bashir belongs to the city of Lahore in Pakistan, he was born on 7 January 1987 in Denmark.

How many goals has Alamgir Ghazi scored in international matches so far?

Alamgir Ghazi is a midfielder player who doesn’t get much chance to score goals. he scored 1 goal against Bahrain in under 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

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