The Afghanistan Cricket team is currently in India for the ODI World Cup 2023 under the Captaincy of Hashmatullah Shahidi. Afghanistan Cricket team played its first warm-up against Sri Lanka on 3rd October. Afghanistan won the toss and decided to blow first. Afghanistan Cricket team won the match by 6 wickets (DLS Method) Afghanistan will play its first match against Bangladesh on 7 October at Dharamshala Cricket Stadium. Head-to-Head Matches Afghanistan vs. Bangladesh

Afghanistan Matches Schedule World Cup 2023

Afghanistan Matches Schedule World Cup 2023 with all Teams

1 Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

Afghanistan will play its first Match against Bangladesh on 7 October at Dharamshala Cricket Stadium. if we see head-to-head matches between Afghanistan vs Bangladesh. So Afghanistan and Bangladesh have faced each other 15 times ODI format, Bangladesh won 9 Matches and Afghanistan won 6 Matches. It means Bangladesh has a strong side.

2 Afghanistan vs India ODI World Cup 2023

The second Match of Afghanistan against India is on 11 October at Dehli Cricket Stadium.

Afghanistan vs. Pakistan Match

The match between Pakistan and Afghanistan will be played in Chennai on 23 October. Here is the full Matches Scheduled Pakistan Cricket team.

Afghanistan Matches Schedule World Cup 2023 list

7 OCTAfghanistan vs BangladeshDharamshala
11 OCTAfghanistan vs IndiaDehli
15 OCTAfghanistan vs EnglandDehli
18 OCTAfghanistan vs New Zeland Chennai
23 OCTAfghanistan vs Pakistan Chennai
30 OCTAfghanistan vs Sri LankaPune
03 NOVAfghanistan vs Netherlands Lucknow
07 NOVAfghanistan vs AustrailaMumbai
10 NOVAfghanistan vs South AfricaPune

Afghanistan Cricket team debut in ICC Cricket World Cup

  1. 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup (Australia and New Zealand):
    • Afghanistan made its debut in the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2015.
    • They played a total of six matches in the tournament but failed to advance to the knockout stages.
    • Afghanistan secured their first-ever World Cup win by defeating Scotland in a group-stage match.
  2. 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup (England and Wales):
    • Afghanistan participated in the 2019 World Cup as well.
    • They played nine matches but did not register a win in the tournament.
    • Despite not winning any matches, Afghanistan showed glimpses of their potential and competed well against some strong teams.

It’s worth noting that my information might be outdated as my training only includes data up to September 2021. Please check the latest sources for any updates on Afghanistan’s cricket team and their performance in subsequent tournaments.

Afghanistan Cricket team history and debut Match in International Cricket.

Afghanistan’s debut in international cricket is a tale of resilience, passion, and the triumph of the human spirit. The journey began on February 10, 2010, when Afghanistan’s cricket team stepped onto the world stage, making their One Day International (ODI) debut against Scotland in the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier in the United Arab Emirates.

The Afghan team, hailing from a nation that had endured decades of conflict and turmoil, showcased their cricketing prowess with unwavering determination. The match was a testament to their hard work and dedication, symbolizing a new chapter in Afghanistan’s sporting history.

Facing off against Scotland, Afghanistan displayed a spirited performance, with both bat and ball. The Afghan bowlers, fueled by the dream of representing their war-torn nation on the global cricketing platform, restricted Scotland to a modest total. The batsmen, in turn, chased down the target with zeal, marking their entry into international cricket with a victory.

The historic win was not merely a statistical triumph; it was a source of immense pride and joy for a nation that had found solace and unity in the game of cricket. The players became national heroes overnight, embodying the hopes and aspirations of a people who sought a brighter future.

Beyond the numbers on the scoreboard, Afghanistan’s debut match in international cricket was a narrative of overcoming adversity, a metaphor for the resilience ingrained in the Afghan spirit. The cricketers became ambassadors of hope, showing the world that even in the face of daunting challenges, dreams can be realized through determination and teamwork.

This debut marked the beginning of a remarkable cricketing journey for Afghanistan. In the years that followed, they continued to make strides in the international cricketing arena, earning respect and admiration for their tenacity and skill. Afghanistan’s cricketing odyssey serves as an inspiration, reminding us that sports can be a powerful force for positive change, transcending borders and healing wounds.

As the Afghan cricket team took those initial steps onto the international stage, they not only played a game of cricket but also etched a story of triumph, resilience, and the unyielding spirit of a nation on the canvas of global sports.

How many Matches did Afghanistan win in the ODI World Cup?

Afghanistan won the first against Scotland in the history of the ODI World 2015.

Has Afghanistan won a single match in the 2019 World Cup?

Afghanistan has not won a single match in the ODI World 2019.

Which Cricket Team most the World Cup?

Australia is the only them has won 5 times ODI World Cup Champion.

Which Cricket Team Captain has won the most ICC World Cups?

There are two Captains in the history of Cricket who won two times ICC World Cup, Number 1 is Clive Lloyd the West Indies Cricket team Captain. and Number 2 is Captain is Ricky Ponting the Australian Cricket team Captain.

When the Afghanistan Cricket Team made their debut Match?

Afghanistan Cricket team making their One Day International (ODI) debut against Scotland in the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier in the United Arab Emirates.

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